It’s been a crazy week launching our latest game for pre-school kids on Google Play. We’ve been contacting review websites and getting feedback from the launch. It’s a pretty exciting time, and I’m so glad to have reached this milestone in the project! I almost forgot to post the news on the blog. How crazy is that.


Preschool Lion is a collection of educational mini-games for pre-school kids aged 2 to 5.

Many of the games focus on topics they will need for thier first year of school like shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, top, bottom, left, right, bigger, smaller, counting and upside-down.

There is also a game that will teach your kids about letters and how how they are used in words and a cool toy box mode that uses real physics as a reward for completing the educational games.

– Beautiful hand drawn flash cards throughout the games
– Animated lion to help with the puzzles
– Voice overs for all of the in game text
– A simple easy to use interface designed with kids in mind.
– Endless game-play

The flashcards cover every letter of the alphabet including the following words:
Apple, Balloons, Cake, Dog, Egg, Flower, Glass, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Juice, King, Lion, Moon, Nuts, Orange, Pig, Queen, Rainbow, Star, Teapot, Umbrella, Vegetables, Watermelon, Xylophone, Yo Yo, Zip.

Counting from 1 to 20.
Shapes include Circle, Diamond, Heart, Rectangle, Square, Star and Triangle.


I’m pretty passionate about this game idea! It’s been a while since I’ve had a game idea that I feel so strongly about. Scratch that, I’ve *never* had an idea that excites me like this one. I am going to finish this game. I *have* to finish this game. It’s the game I’ve always wanted to play, it produces feelings at my core that just can’t be ignored. But I need your help.

I’ve been making games since I was a teenager. Many of them never reached completion, some of them where far too big for one man, some just didn’t keep me interested for long enough. In recent times, I have got a lot better at finishing games and a couple have made it to Google Play. They prove that I can do it, but they aren’t very spectacular. I know I can do better, and from this moment forward I’m going to use everything I’ve learned to make games I’m proud of.

I recently read the Gunpoint Development Breakdown by Tom Francis and I found it very inspiring. Particularly the way he created regular releases of the game for community testing and the open submission process to find artists. He’s also far better than I at blogging and promotional stuff so I hope I can learn a few things by following his lead this year. Thanks Tom, Gunpoint is awesome btw! :)

the prototype

My game is about crafting gadgets. Actually it’s more of a toy than a game at the moment, but I really like the game mechanics. The player has lots of little parts that can be connected together in various combinations to craft a gadget. After each gadget is crafted new parts are unlocked allowing for more interesting gadgets to be crafted.

So far I’ve got the inventory and crafting board implemented. A couple of parts are working including a battery, wire and a light bulb. Next on the list are some buttons and switches followed by timers.

As a programmer I’m going to enjoy implementing all of the parts. I’ve got lots of ideas for what kinds of parts to add to the game, and I think there’s loads of potential for many more. The programmer in me is also the reason the game appeals to me as a player, it’s about creating things in a similar way to programming software. Although, far less complicated and hopefully more fun for non-programmers.

I need your help turning this toy into a game though. While sandbox mode can be a lot of fun, it would be nice to have some goals. It could be about crafting a particular type of gadget on each level, and/or selling them on a virtual market. Maybe they lead up to a bigger goal or are somehow part of a bigger game. I’m really not sure about this part yet. Any ideas are welcome.

A few months back I made a game for OneGameAMonth and put it on Google Play completely free (no ads or IAP’s). It’s been doing okay despite having to deal with a DMCA notice resulting in a rename and rework of all the graphics. In any case, people seem to like it nearly as much as I enjoyed making it.

It turns out lot’s of people have trouble with level 9, it’s a real doozie. I’ve been meaning to put some video’s up on youtube so I thought I’d start with a solution to level 9 to ease the frustration.