Gadget Craft

I’m pretty passionate about this game idea! It’s been a while since I’ve had a game idea that I feel so strongly about. Scratch that, I’ve *never* had an idea that excites me like this one. I am going to finish this game. I *have* to finish this game. It’s the game I’ve always wanted to play, it produces feelings at my core that just can’t be ignored. But I need your help.

I’ve been making games since I was a teenager. Many of them never reached completion, some of them where far too big for one man, some just didn’t keep me interested for long enough. In recent times, I have got a lot better at finishing games and a couple have made it to Google Play. They prove that I can do it, but they aren’t very spectacular. I know I can do better, and from this moment forward I’m going to use everything I’ve learned to make games I’m proud of.

I recently read the Gunpoint Development Breakdown by Tom Francis and I found it very inspiring. Particularly the way he created regular releases of the game for community testing and the open submission process to find artists. He’s also far better than I at blogging and promotional stuff so I hope I can learn a few things by following his lead this year. Thanks Tom, Gunpoint is awesome btw! :)

the prototype

My game is about crafting gadgets. Actually it’s more of a toy than a game at the moment, but I really like the game mechanics. The player has lots of little parts that can be connected together in various combinations to craft a gadget. After each gadget is crafted new parts are unlocked allowing for more interesting gadgets to be crafted.

So far I’ve got the inventory and crafting board implemented. A couple of parts are working including a battery, wire and a light bulb. Next on the list are some buttons and switches followed by timers.

As a programmer I’m going to enjoy implementing all of the parts. I’ve got lots of ideas for what kinds of parts to add to the game, and I think there’s loads of potential for many more. The programmer in me is also the reason the game appeals to me as a player, it’s about creating things in a similar way to programming software. Although, far less complicated and hopefully more fun for non-programmers.

I need your help turning this toy into a game though. While sandbox mode can be a lot of fun, it would be nice to have some goals. It could be about crafting a particular type of gadget on each level, and/or selling them on a virtual market. Maybe they lead up to a bigger goal or are somehow part of a bigger game. I’m really not sure about this part yet. Any ideas are welcome.

Qwert’s Amazing Adventure Level 9

A few months back I made a game for OneGameAMonth and put it on Google Play completely free (no ads or IAP’s). It’s been doing okay despite having to deal with a DMCA notice resulting in a rename and rework of all the graphics. In any case, people seem to like it nearly as much as I enjoyed making it.

It turns out lot’s of people have trouble with level 9, it’s a real doozie. I’ve been meaning to put some video’s up on youtube so I thought I’d start with a solution to level 9 to ease the frustration.

Toddler Memory Cards Launched

I made Toddler Memory Cards for the January entry of #OneGameAMonth. It’s up on Google Play for download now. Go and get it :)

Thanks to everyone in the #OneGameAMonth community and for the MonoGame team for a great game library.

Get it on Google Play

Toddler Memory Cards is a memory game for toddlers and kids. High quality graphics and sounds and a carefully thought out interface. No ads or other distractions.
The demo has the first 2 decks from the full version.



Animals – pig, lion, rabbit, bee, crab.
Vehicles – train, car, bus, balloon, bike, jet-ski.
Fruit – apple, tomato, grapes, peaches, watermelon, banana.
Food – cookie, pizza, popcorn, coffee, egg.
Shapes and Colours – yellow star, red circle, arrows, triangle, lightning bolt.
Sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, golf.


  • a simple user interface ideal for toddlers to interact with.
  • a great educational tool for your toddler.
  • cute cartoon graphics.
  • helps with the recognition of different shapes and objects.
  • helps your toddlers concentration and memory development.
  • very easy to use.
  • will keep your toddler entertained while you are busy.
  • no ads ever!

Early screenshot of Toddler Memory Game

Here’s a really early screenshot of my next game for toddlers.


I’m using this project to build a core engine so that we can iterate faster on future projects. It’s going well so far, but there’s a lot of decisions to be made about how to structure the code and projects. That’s why I’m working on another smaller project before tackling something more advanced.

It’s a component based engine similar to something I’ve built in the past. The idea is that nearly everything in the game is a component and each component is made up of combinations of other smaller components. It’s a little tricky adapting this approach to MonoGame because I’ve also got to think about multiple platforms but in the project structure. The plan is to be able to build a few smaller games in a short period of time once their is a good library of reusable base code is in place.