This week I’ve been busy gearing up for an iteration on Glue Editor. The plan is to implement the constructive solid geometry (CSG) features into the editor for building levels.

It’s been a while since I worked on Glue Editor so I had to get familiar with the code again. The engine code has changed a lot since the last time it was used in the editor so the first step was to get them working in harmony. This was a pretty big refactor and as I ploughed through I stripped the code back to basics. I’ve dropped many of the features that don’t fit our current direction with a plan to rebuild the editor from a more solid base. At this stage I think it’s best to keep the two code bases separate so that the old version remains as is.

There’s still a lot to do but here’s a screenshot of very basic CSG in action. Very much a hacked up prototype just to get my head around the problem at this stage. Over the next month I hope to complete a working alpha version. Once that happens I’ll start doing periodic releases for testing and feedback.

  • Ümit YILDIZ

    I am waiting for the new version.

    • glue

      Please let me know if there is anything you really want in the new version. I can’t promise anything but I will take all suggestions into consideration :)

      • Ümit YILDIZ

        As an example I can give these links.

        • glue

          Over the coming months I plan to evolve Glue Editor into a level editor similar to those screenshots. It will take some time to implement every feature so I will be prioritising some features over others.

          It would be interesting to know what features you consider to be the most important? If you let me know I will consider moving them near the top of the list.

          I would like to do a release every 1 or 2 months so you will have the opportunity to try new features out and provide feedback.

        • Ümit YILDIZ
  • Ümit YILDIZ

    - Map Editor.
    – Gui Editor.
    – Resource Editor.
    * Makehuman (. Mhx) imports.
    * Wavefront (. Obj) imports.